Hi, I am Bob Durand. I am a Trop-a-holic.

singer/songwriter, guitarist, drummer and percussionist.

All About Bob

What is Trop Rock?

beach chairs at seasideWhile some genres of music may defy categorization, Trop Rock comfortably occupies its own niche. In beach bars, restaurants and Tiki bars from coastal Mississippi to lower Alabama to Florida, Trop Rock is ubiquitous. I describe it as the soundtrack to your tropical vacation—music that you might hear while sipping a tall cool drink under a palm tree on a white sand beach. It is music that you can sing along to while you sit nearly motionless in your beach chair, bobbing your head to the music. Trop Rock aficionados are Head-Bobbers, not Head-Bangers. Trop Rock, as performed by artists from rock to pop to country, is a state of mind and a memory of time and place. Jimmy Buffet pops up on the playlist, but so can Dave Matthews or Kenny Chesney or James Taylor. Whether played solo, duo or full band, Trop Rock is the vehicle that gets you to that place where you really want to be, even if it’s only in your mind.

Singer/Songwriter and Resident Blogger:

Lake PonchatrainBob Durand is not only a trop-a-holic – he is a singer/songwriter of songs that you might listen to under a palm tree on a beach with an adult beverage in your hand. A native New Orleanian, he now splits his time between there and lower Alabama. He considers Gulf Shores/Orange Beach to be his second home and the entire stretch of beach bars between his playground!  

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